La Tümelün - Baby / Toddler Sleep Sack - 100% Cashmere

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Who doesn't love babies? And who doesn't love cashmere? La Tümelün exemplifies the intersection of these two loves and daily luxury for your favorite child. Coddle your baby with legendary Mongolian Cashmere with this unique sleep sack. La Tümelün is designed with a double headed zipper to make midnight diaper changes a dream (inside of a cloud). Snuggle up, relax, and enjoy life. 

Sizing: 0-3 months; 3-6 months; 6-18 months; 18-36 months

La Tümelün is made from 100% of the finest goat hair. The goat is hand combed. The yarn is hand dyed and then the sleep sack is hand fabricated. This sleep sack is easily washed in a washing machine on cold,  dried in the dryer on the AIR only setting (never use heat). For cashmere shampoo, we recommend:

HISTORICAL NOTE - Tümelün was Chigghis Khaan's daughter and a Mongolian Princess.  (Chigghis Khaan - Mongolian spelling of Genghis Khan.) 

PRE-SALE goes until 9/26/2020 and Sacks should arrive early November.