Men's Bespoke Cashmere Onesie - Le Timojen

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MADE TO MEASURE - La Timojen - 100% Cashmere Bespoke Onesie 

Daily luxury is enjoyed in this cozy onesie. From chilly nights on the steppe in Mongolia to chill nights on the couch in San Francisco, this cashmere onesie is your new favorite piece. Snuggle up, relax and enjoy life. 

Zipper for casual look with easy access :). This onesie is made from 100% of the finest goat hair. The goat is hand combed. The yarn is hand dyed and then the onesie is hand fabricated.

HISTORICAL NOTE - Timojen was Chigghis Khaan's birth name. It is said that Timojen was likely wearing cashmere, while he was out conquering the world.  (Chigghis Khaan - Mongolian spelling of Genghis Khan.) 

Care for your onesie by dry clean. Or wash cold with cashmere shampoo,  air drying no heat in dryer. Do not wring or dry with any heat, shrinking will occur.