Blanket / Shawl: Le Tolui - Pure Mongolian Cashmere

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This luxurious shawl / blanket is a sophisticated herringbone knit of 100% had combed Cashmere from the most desired goats of Mongolia.  Coddle yourself or your baby with legendary Mongolian Cashmere with this unique blanket that is sure to be the favorite for years to come. Snuggle up, relax, and enjoy life. 

Sizing: 111cm square (~44in square) 

Le Tolui is made from 100% of the finest goat hair, with the harsh winters the goats grow the longest hairs, making the best yarn on the planet. The goat is hand combed. The yarn is hand dyed and then the blanket is fabricated. This blanket is easily washed in a washing machine on cold, dried in the dryer on the AIR only setting (never use heat). For cashmere shampoo, we recommend: 

HISTORICAL NOTE - Tolui[a] (c.1191–1232) was the fourth son of Chigghis Khaan by his chief khatun Börte. His ulus, or territorial inheritance, at his father's death in 1227 was the homelands in Mongolia, and he also served as civil administrator until 1229, the time it took to confirm Ögedei as second Great Khaan of the Mongol Empire (1206–1368). (Chigghis Khaan - Mongolian spelling of Genghis Khan.) 



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